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SMC Memorial

Name:   Robert O. Reisig  M.D.

Born:   January 3, 1926

Died:   August 1, 2018 (92)

SMC Member: May 21, 1997 (21)

Dr. Reisig graduated from Monroe High School in 1943. At 17, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve, training as a naval pilot in Pensacola, Fla., and studying at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. After completing his military service, he attended the University of Michigan Medical School and completed a specialty in ophthalmology at University of Michigan Hospital.

On July 3, 1952, he married Alice McLean and together they raised one son and three daughters. Dr. Reisig was an avid skier, hunter, fisherman and woodworker and enjoyed playing tennis. A true renaissance man, he spent his free time playing the piano and studying the work of William Shakespeare.
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SMC Memorial

Name:   Roger Van Der Kar

Born:   June 21, 1915

Died:   July 29, 2018 (103)

SMC Member: July 22, 1980 (38)

Following the deaths of both parents, Roger came to Grosse Pointe to live with his uncle and aunt, Dr. George and Theodora Van Der Kar Fay.  He attended Grosse Pointe schools, graduating from Grosse Pointe High School, where he earned a letter in tennis and served as class valedictorian.  Following high school, he attended Colgate University and graduated from Detroit College of Law.  His business career was with the Hanna Furnace Corp., a subsidiary of National Steel Corp.
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SMC Memorial

Name:   Norman John Rice

Born:   November 11, 1936

Died:   August 2, 2018 (81)

SMC Member: August 22, 2017 (1)

Norman was student council president, in the marching band and part of the football and hockey teams at St. Mary’s Academy, Assumption High School and Assumption College.  In 1961, he graduated from Detroit College of Law with a juris doctor degree and received his commission into the U.S. Air Force as a JAG officer. In 1962, he married his high school sweetheart, Clementine Hinsperger, and with 56 years together they have had countless adventures.

Norman served as a JAG officer 26 years, retiring as a colonel with dozens of citations and services awards. The adventures of Clementine and Norman included living In Japan and Asia (during the Vietnam War) and all over the United States, including Utah, Virginia, Texas and finally settling in Michigan. During those years, they had three children whom they raised in Grosse Pointe.  Read more

Calendar of Events

August calendar 2018

SMC Speaker John Wukovits

At the Senior Men’s Club July 24th Tuesday Luncheon, we were privileged to hear from John Wukovits and his report on the ten books he has written regarding the Second World War. John Wukovits attended Sacred Heart Seminary and was a language and arts teacher. He is a renowned author and biography writer and a WWII Pacific Theatre historian. He has authored ten books including one on General Eisenhower. His book: “Tin Can Titans“, a book depicting the most decorated Navy Destroyer Squadron and the heroic men and ships of WW II. Coming in August 2018 from the Notre Dame Press is his book “Soldiers of a Different Cloth” telling the amazing stories of Notre Dame heroic Chaplains who served in every theatre and ships of operations in World War II.

John’s book “Hell from the Heavens” Mel Gibson has signed on to direct the film adaption of this book. In this book “Hell from the Heavens”, the author makes the ordeal of the Laffey and her crew a story for the ages. Using scores of personal interviews with survivors, the memoirs of crew members, and the sailors’ wartime correspondence, historians, our author John Wukovits breathes life into the story of this nearly forgotten historical event. The US Navy described the kamikaze attack on the Laffey “as one of the great sea epics of the second world war.” Read more

GPSMC Foundation purpose

Grosse Pointe Senior Men’s Club foundation is a non-governmental entity that is established as a nonprofit corporation or a charitable trust, with a principal purpose of making grants to to organizations in the Grosse Pointe community that support Education, Elderly, and Health related objectives. The GPSMC Foundation is 501 C
3 certified, please see certification here.

Calendar of Events


Avoid the New Medicare Card Scams

Please see article from SOC Communicator May-June 2018 CLICK HERE  on possible medicare scams with intro of new medicare card. The article is on the front page of the May/June edition.  The entire May/June Communicator follows the cover sheet when  you click on the link above.

SOC Communicator

The Encore Years: Ed and Fran Benz

This is an inspiring article on Ed & Fran Benz that is in the March 2, 2018 issue of the Grosse Pointe News.  Their lives reflect a dedication to serve others as well as each other. Ed & ran are role models and we are proud Ed is a member of SMCGP.

Life continues to be an adventure for City of Grosse Pointe residents Ed and Fran Benz.


The two met on the SS South American, a Great Lakes steamer. He was a busboy and bellhop while he worked his way through school, then after serving in the U.S. Army, he returned and served as a bartender.

“Every year a nurse would do medical records and draw blood,” Ed Benz said. “That was (Fran).”

They met in the dining room and argued about Ayn Rand, Fran Benz said. It was the start of a long-lasting and eventful relationship.

After they married, they applied to the Peace Corps and were ready to head to North Bornea, “but that was the week we found out I was pregnant with Brian,” Fran Benz said, so they were unable to go. “Three years later we found out about Extension Lay Volunteers, which is like the Catholic Peace Corps. We spent a year (in Rowena, Texas).” Read more

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