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Ed Benz has arranged for a Special Event on July 14th…his Detroit River Cruise that we have held for several years. We will meet at Sinbad’s for lunch on our own tab and then drive or carpool to Cullen Plaza and the Rivard/Atwater parking lot for embarking on the Diamond Jack Cruise Boat for its trip up to the Belle Isle Bridge and then down to the Ambassador Bridge and back to the Atwater dock.

Hope you can make it.

President’s Message

Almost back to normal. I feel like we have been through a war. The victor has not been declared, but we believe that mankind will prevail, God willing!

I hope you attended our May 11 meeting at the Ark. It was wonderful to see so many of you. Our Board of Directors is interested in what you thought of the Ark, the lunch served, the speaker, and the overall atmosphere surrounding the meeting. This is your club and we want to make it as enjoyable for you as humanly possible. Remind your friends and encourage them to join the Club. We need other people, just like you, who enjoy the camaraderie that the Club supports and enhances.

The Nominating Committee, chaired by Marty McMillan, is looking for members interested in leading the Club as either a director or officer. If you feel that you can help the Club in either capacity please call Marty at 313 824 1443.

It looks as though our cruise on the Detroit River is in preparation stages. We will all enjoy this excursion, being put together by Ed Benz

Jim Callahan, President

Return to In-Person Meetings is a Rousing Success

On May 11, the Men’s Club of Grosse Pointe met at The Ark at St Ambrose for a presentation on Single Malt Scotch Whiskies by Elliot MacFarlane, a Certified Whisky Ambassador and Bard of the St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit. Elliot has trained, studied, traveled, researched, and presented the World of Whiskies for many years, and is a consultant to a variety of distilleries and whisky groups.

MacFarlane has visited dozens of distilleries in North America and more than 100 in the rest of the world. He will be leading an exclusive tour to all five whisky regions of Scotland on his Whisky Dream Trip in September 2021.

According to MacFarlane, whisky goes back about 1000 years and has been made in Scotland since the late Middle-Ages. There are currently about 22 million barrels of whisky in Scotland and they export 42 bottles per second. Elliott feels life is too short to drink bad whisky, so he doesn’t bother with blends. Single-malt scotch is made in five regions of Scotland, with the most important being the Spey Valley. Others include the Highlands, the Lowlands, Cambeltown and the Isle of Islay. Scotch may only be made from water, yeast and malted barley. If the barley is dried over a peat fire, the smoky flavor infuses the Scotch, and it is referred to as “peated.” Whisky is a $5 billion a year industry in Scotland, but it doesn’t employ a large number of workers.

Single malts are made in the same distillery using the same barrels for aging. Barrels are made of oak and may have been previously used for wine or beer. A bottle of aged whisky must contain no whisky younger than the age stated on the bottle, but most also contain older batches as well. The age is determined by the amount of time in the barrel, not the bottle. Unlike wine, whisky does not improve while in the bottle. In good single malts, all of the color comes from the barrel, although some cheaper whiskies use a coloring agent. A certain amount of the whisky will evaporate from the barrel over time, which is known as the “angel’s share” The flavor of the whisky will depend on the barrel, where it came from , how large it is, and what it was used for previously, as well as the water that is used and where it comes from, how long the whisky was aged, and many other factors.

When tasting whisky, start with the smell, which may or may not be reflected in the taste. Leave the shot in your mouth for a while before swallowing and note the flavors and then the finish. Many good Scotch whiskies have a particularly long finish. Don’t bother adding water, because the single-malt maker diluted the whisky when it went into the bottle in an amount they determined would produce the best taste.

Elliot suggests that novice Scotch drinkers start with something like a Balvenie, a maker with a variety of different single malts. He answered a number of questions about Scotch, including how to cool Scotch without diluting it with ice.

Thank you, Elliot for your entertaining and illuminating presentation.

President’s Message

In-Person Meetings to Resume
Vacant Officers Positions Filled

Men, April is upon us. I hope you and your loved ones have already been vaccinated, that your taxes have been filed and the return is on its way. We have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is our life, having this pandemic ever-present in our lives.

Our Club is alive and well. We are planning to hold the Club’s first actual in person meeting since the pandemic began. Mark your calendars for May 11th at The Ark, located at St. Ambrose Church, 15020 Hampton, off Jefferson in GPP.

An exciting speaker is lined up for the event. Elliot MacFarlane will cover highlights of Single Malt Scotch whisky–peaty & non-peaty, the various regions of Scotland, and his favorites Single Malts, with time left over for some Q&As. An actual tasting session will be scheduled for a later date at an appropriate time of the day. I hope you can attend on the 11th of May. Tables of six will be placed six feet apart and all attendees must wear masks if not seated at their table. The current Michigan requirements expire on April 19th . Watch the May newsletter and eBlasts for any changes which may occur that could alter the Club’s plans.

The once open Secretary position has now been filled by John Klobuchar. The Club owes much to David Morrow for having done a yeoman’s job in doing all the secretary work for well in excess of a year. John will clearly need our help and that of David for some time to come, but he is energetic and committed to the Club’s success. He will do an excellent job. Thanks David and John. John will be featured in May’s newsletter as the third in a series of “Meet Fellow Member…”

Chip Rohde has agreed to fill the 2nd Vice President role heading-up Member-ship. What a find he has been. Chip is featured on page 4 of this month’s Newsletter. We all need to help our new leaders in every way we can. Please promote the Club and get your friends to become members. The more members we have, the easier it will be to keep our Club alive and relevant. Chip has some great ideas as to how to promote membership, but as you all know, your family members and friends are the best and easiest sources.

Let us all seek out new members every chance we get. I look forward to seeing you in the Zoom meetings in April and finally getting together in person at our May meetings.

Jim Callahan, President

Check your Heart and Soul with Chili to go

Purpose: Join Sunrise Senior Living for a Drive-up blood pressure clinic and enjoy a complementary bowl of Chili to go
Location: The War Memorial

Date: Thursday, March 18, 2021
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
RSVP to Mary Jo at Sunrise on Vernier at 313.642.2000 by Monday, March 15, 2021

President’s Message

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day men! March Madness is upon us and I hope that you have all received your COVID19 vaccinations along with your family members by the time you receive this Newsletter. Our Board’s Committee on Alternative Sites for our actual meetings has settled upon the Tompkins Center located in Windmill Point Park, Grosse Pointe Park as our temporary home for actual meetings until the War Memorial welcomes our return. There will be plenty of space for us to maintain social distancing. There is ample parking space and the meetings will potentially be catered by Mary Lou Muer of Blue Pointe fame. The Committee is ironing out cost and the menu selections, but they assure me that everything will be to our satisfaction and enjoyment. We are aiming at May to begin our meetings at the Tompkins Center, if all goes well. We will update you as we progress.

At our last Board of Directors’ meeting of Feb. 9, 2021, we welcomed Arthur J. (Chip) Rohde, Jr. who many of you know as a new member of the Board of Directors. Chip is a great addition to the Club and the Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us, not to mention his vitality and enthusiasm. Please welcome him as the opportunity presents itself.

Remember that the old Senior Club badges are available for a contribution of $20 and that we are need of a person to fill the vacancy of Secretary also that of 2nd Vice President. If you are interested please call me at 313 220 8315.

Jim Callahan, President

President’s Message

James A. Callahan

Men, it’s hard to believe that we have been plagued with COVID19 for one year now. When considering all that we have lost since it began, we can fully appreciate its significance in how it has changed our lives, possibly forever. Masks and social distancing are minor inconveniences when taking into account the deaths, businesses, schools and homelife disrupted. We are fortunate, in that the Club remains and is reworking itself to be more relevant to its members and the community.

If you have suggestions as to how the Club can be more meaningful in your life please let me know. You have my cell telephone number and email address. Corrective criticism is always appreciated as well as compliments. Join our ZOOM meetings to stay connected. Merely send David Morrow ( your email address and he will send you an invitation.

Annual membership dues of $40 for 2021 are owing NOW. Those who have missed paying their dues for two years(2019 and 2020) are being dropped from the rolls. PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES FOR 2021 IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO THUS FAR. The Club’s original badges are still available for a contribution to the Club; suggested of $20. Those badges, representing “Charter Membership” are authorized to be worn once we begin actual meetings again.

Our Past President, Christopher Walsh (2018-2019) is recovering from respiratory surgery at American House. I am sure that he would like to hear fromAnyone who becomes a new member will be given a free lunch along with his sponsor, once the Club resumes meeting in person.

The Directory for 2021 will be published in February. We’d appreciate your review of its contents and your particular listing and report any corrections to Henry Fischer at

James A. Callahan

President’s Message: Latest Developments

“It was a close run thing” – This quote is attributed to Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, after the Battle of Waterloo. i think this is an appropriate reference since the Club is still standing despite Covid19. The club has adapted to a changing environment. We continue to meet via zoom for the speaker’s meetings, book club, and investment club. The golf and tennis groups still play, with different locations perhaps, but still soldiering on. The card players are meeting, initially via zoom and now across large tables. Conditions on gatherings have prevented the choir from carrying on as usual. Clearly, all of us wish we could meet in person.

But a word of caution about the future of the Club. It faces strong headwinds. To grow and not stagnate we must continually attract new members and offer new activities with wider appeal. This requires flexibility and new approaches. I encourage the club to engage in new activities. If something doesn’t work , let’s move on and try a different approach. Let’s not be afraid to experiment.

I am pleased to announce the following “election’ results:
President James Callahan
First VP Henry Fischer
Treasurer James Hoekwater
Asst. Treas. David Buckler
Secretary David Morrow
Asst Secretary Jim Triano
Directors- John Snyder, Jerry Teagan, Ed Benz, Albert Spalding Jr
The new terms take effect on October 1, 2020

Ken Mokray,

Presidents Message

Message From the President


During this time, the Men’s Club is “cracking on,” as the Brits say.SMC president

  • For updates on the Club, please look for both eBlasts and the Newsletter, or check the website.
  • Please check your junk mail to see if our messages are getting routed to a junk mail folder. You should be able to right click on such a message and choose “Mark as not junk.”
  • We are resuming mailing the printed Newsletter to all who paid for this service.
  • Please check the Directory to ensure that your email address, phone number and address are correct. Inform Henry Fischer of any errors at If you are not receiving our emails, let Dave Morrow know at


  • We continue to hold our bimonthly meetings with guest speakers using Zoom at 11:00 am on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. You will receive an eBlast about each meeting with the name of the speaker and the link that you click on to join the Zoom meeting with your computer, tablet or smart phone. Should you be uncomfortable using Zoom, you can call in and listen on your phone, or you can contact us for help with Zoom. Feel free to invite guests to these meetings. You can forward the eBlast with the Zoom invitation to your guest or ask Dave Morrow to do it for you. Having good turnouts for these meetings is important and helps us attract quality speakers.
  • The Readers are holding their book club meetings via Zoom.
  • The investment club is meeting via conference call at 9:00 am on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Contact Thomas Bidigare at his cell 313 977-0709 or 
  • The golf group is up and running.
  • The tennis group is now playing at the outdoor courts at Grosse Pointe Woods Lake Front Park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am.

Stay safe and let me know if you have any additional ideas to keep the club intact until the world returns to normalcy.

Ken Mokray,


Message from Ken Mokray, President of the Men’s Club of Grosse Pointe


On April 14th, the Men’s Club Board of Directors held a video conference meeting on Zoom.  I want to inform the members of the following steps we will take to insure the continuity of the Club.

  1. Though both Club and Sub-Club meetings are restricted during the lockdown, I will send periodic eBlasts out to the membership to inform them of specific actions. Please check your emails.
  2. The Men’s Club will hold its first Zoom based online general meeting on April 28th at the usual time at 11:00 am and a subsequent one on May 10th at 11:00. Some Sub-Clubs, such as the Readers, will be holding their own online meetings.
  3. The Board authorized two donations to aid the community. $500 to Gleaners Community Food Bank to provide 2,000 meals and $500 to the Ascension St. John Foundation for their Associate Hardship Fund to aid frontline healthcare workers and their families.
  4. Choral Group members have volunteered to don their blazers and sing out from their front porch at 7 pm each evening.
  5. The Newsletter will be posted on the website and sent out via eBlast but paper copies are suspended until safe distribution can be assured.
  6. Feel free to shout out support in recognition of our healthcare workers at 7pm each evening (as is occurring in NYC )–inside the house is okay as well.
  7. Standby for an eBlast sending an invitation for the first Zoom-based meeting.

Please stay safe and keep in touch with each other.  If you know a member who is not connected to the internet please give them a call to check in and update them on the Club.

To quote  Winston Churchill—We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Ken A. Mokray, President