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President’s Message April

Hello Fellow SMC Gentlemen!

I hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday. It is truly hard to believe it is already spring. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, now is a good time to return. It is great to see members gather-ing early to enjoy each other’s company and share a joke or two before the meeting starts. We have lots of great joke tellers in the club but few as great as Bob Vogler. Bob’s jokes are tasteful and delivered with perfect timing.

Bob is a huge asset of the SMC of Grosse Pointe and not just because he is good at delivering a joke. He attends every Board Meeting, and is a welcome familiar face as he greets all of us every other week at the front door. Bob keeps us informed of all the Birthday’s and he sends out Birthday Cards and places our order for flowers from Charvat the Flo-rist. As you know, every member who arranges with Bob to come during their birthday month receives a boutonniere, if one is over 80. Want to know how long Charvat has been doing this? Charvat the Flo-rist has given us these Boutonniere’s since our Club began in 1959. Many thanks to Charvat the Florist, as well as Bob for remembering each of us on our special day.

In addition to all I’ve mentioned already, Bob heads up the Bowling League and is very active in the Golf League as well. He is a great athlete and he is always looking for others to join in. So, if you like to golf or bowl, stop Bob and let him know. I am sure if you have any questions, he will be glad to answer them or find someone who might know.

If you are interested in getting involved in our club as a Board Member, or in any sub club, please stop me and let me know.

We have SO much talent in our Club, it is crazy. Please share your talents and time. You will be glad you did.

See you at the next meeting! Enjoy your Club,

Marty McMillan,
SMC President