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Senior Men’s Club Objectives Revisited


Article 2 of the SMC Bylaws describes the objectives of the men’s club: “The object of the club should be to further educational and social growth through the general advancement of men’s interest to promote better understanding among the men of Grosse Pointes and surrounding communities through peer group associations; to operate exclusively for charitable, literary, social, and educational purposes.”

In the SMC’s 60 years of existence, (12 US Presidents, to put a perspective on the time), the club has maintained relatively close adherence to these goals, though at times there has been closer observance to the motto, Festivities…Fun…Fellowship.

However, in the last two years, there has been a movement to also incorporate community support, and citizenship. This is a healthy progression and it earns the Club a larger base of civic respect and increases its appeal to new members. However, that being said, it our responsibility as a club to make ourselves more attractive. This requirement extends beyond the directors and officer; membership is everyone’s concern. Statistically we sustain between 40 and 45 deaths a year; clearly, we need to compensate with a steady increase of members.

Examples of this are the Senior Men’s Club Foundation, Share the Talent, and Shakespeare in Detroit. The Foundation provided grants to the Grosse Pointe Historical Society, Neighborhood Club and Detroit Institute for Children. Share the Talent and Shakespeare in Detroit both promote educational development in different ways. Share the Talent enables the GP high schools to have a better understanding of professions via member panels. Shakespeare in Detroit is a club sponsored program that brings professional theatre training to selected high school students from North and South High schools.

The Club’s expansion into community support is a development we can take pride in and represents a positive connection and awareness that we should continue to encourage. Let’s continue to search for new opportunities where we can share our talent through a willingness to help support both the community and the Club’s responsibilities as well.


Chris Walsh,
SMC President