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Discovery – Opportunity


In the Grosse Pointe, Harper Woods, and St. Clair Shores area we have access to multiple venues that offer classes. The Helm alone, formerly SOC, offers 12 different classes ranging from cooking to technology instruction. These classes are interesting, expand our knowledge, and represent additional social activities in a subject that has mutual interest.

Sometimes we limit ourselves by a combination of routine or hesitancy to challenge our own comfort zone. However, with choices from the Neighborhood Club, Grosse Pointe War Memorial, and the Helm, we can overcome our inertia. For example, the Patriot Theatre at the War Memorial will feature “Green Sneakers and Echoes of the Depression” a 60-minute chamber opera, by Ricky Ian Gordon, who wrote the poetry as well as the music.

While that event occurred on May 3rd, after this Newsletter was sent out, perhaps it will be taped for a reprise. There are an ample variety of selections. Visit any of the websites to see specifics.

The reverse side of the coin may provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences as a contributor. Talk to the director or someone who schedules these classes to see if there is an interest.
In summation, we have a combination of choices at our doorstep that can make life more interesting and challenging – it’s up to us to discover and look for opportunity!

With my best regards to all the SMC members for perhaps the start of Spring… someday soon.

Chris Walsh,
SMC President

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