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President’s Message November

CwalshWhat does the Senior Men’s Club mean to me?

There are many answers and the priorities vary with personal taste, appetite, literally and figuratively, and experiences. All have a bearing on our reaction to the question.

There is little question that the primary driver is camaraderie. The opportunity to share a meal and stories with old friends and meet new ones with a common background and interests, particularly at our age, is unique. I also encourage you to introduce yourself to someone you haven’t met, and talk to him about your background, you may discover similar interests. We all have a wonderful opportunity every lunch to expand our horizons.

The speakers are another source for new information and awareness. Often, we are surprised at the depth of content, even with familiar topics. It is a tribute to our venue that some speakers come back multiple times. The questions reflect a high degree of interest and at times provide another perspective.

We can’t say enough about the choir. I can speak from personal experience to relate how much work Gerry Partridge, Louise Velcre, and the choir members put in to make their renditions so special. Their performance each meeting adds another dimension to the entertainment value of each lunch.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only thing more repetitive than a metronome was the SMC lunch menu. That has dramatically changed and SMC lunches are more flavorful and varied. We just learned that the newly appointed executive chef will be Natalie Tarnavksy. Natalie will be leading the culinary staff and we are pleased to welcome her.

I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t mention the special events committee. John Klobuchar will take over for Jim Callahan, who is taking 2nd VP duties. Like everything else in SMC, a tremendous amount of time is required to make these events successful. Thanks, Jim, for a great job.

What does the Senior Men’s Club mean to you? The answer is a combination of all of the above and we should be appreciative that so many individuals are so committed to make SMC so interesting for all of us.

Our sincere thanks to one and all.
Chris Walsh,
SMC President

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