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President’s Message January


Hello Gentleman!

I hope and trust that everyone has had a fantastic Christmas Holiday Season. And I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

As we begin 2018, I am proud to report that our club is in good order. We are truly blessed to have so many qualified individuals that give of their time and talents. Their contributions led to us all to having a memorable experience here at the Senior Men’s Club of Grosse Pointe. One of those individuals is Jack Williams who handled the attendance and also took all the club photos for years. For 16 years (maybe more) he typed up the sign in sheets for every table along with a report about who the next speaker would be and then tallied the sheets for our 2nd VP to report at each luncheon. In addition, he contacted the GPWM staff and gave them a head count for each upcoming meeting.

In addition to attendance, he was our club photographer. “Take a bunch” he would say, “and we are bound to get a few good ones.” Lucky for us, Jack was very successful and took several “good ones”. Thank you Jack, for all you contributed to the SMC for all those many years.

It will take two people to replace Jack, and we are thankful that Mike Ryan and Dick Dunlap volunteered to take on his tasks. Mike Ryan joined the club a couple years ago and immediately asked what he could do to help. Mike, under the leadership and guidance of Jack Williams, is now up and running attendance. Thank you, Mike for taking charge and helping our great club.

And our “new” photographer is Dick Dunlap. Everyone knows that Dick has been taking photos in the Grosse Pointe area for years. When he wasn’t at his office of orthodontia he was on the playing fields at Grosse Pointe South taking action shots. In fact, several of his photos have appeared in the GP News and elsewhere with the byline: photo taken by Dick Dunap. We are lucky to have a photographer of his skill level to tap into at the SMC.
As we begin 2018, I would like to once again encourage all members to get involved with the club. Getting involved, meeting new friends, and making a difference in the lives of our members and our community is why our club exists. When you do get involved you will find, as I have, that the club is made up of men with integrity, men that are interesting and men that want to make a difference.
Enjoy Your Club, and come to the next meeting.

Marty McMillan,
SMC President

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