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President’s Message February


The Choir – A Treasure of The Senior Men’s Club

Most of the members of The Senior Men’s Club, unfortunately, take the choir for granted. They entertain us every lunch and we applaud, but we should understand more about the requirements for a Tuesday afternoon performance.

The current director is Jerry Partridge, who is accompanied by Louise Veltri at the piano. Under Jerry’s direction, the choir’s objectives are to enable all choir members to participate and to consistently improve.

We normally think about singing as grouping around the piano and staying in tune. However, the choir’s complexity is increased with the need to blend different vocal capabilities, such as tenor, baritone, and bass with notes in the music, then combine this with factors such as maintaining different voice level requirements in 3- or 4-part harmony!

Choir performance and enjoyment is differentiated by effectively harmonizing all of these elements, not by singing a simple melody. Jerry is also interested in taking the SMC Choir into more challenging pieces, such as Broadway musicals. We heard a prelude with a recent rendition of “Step In Time” from Mary Poppins.

Some of the challenges for the choir are practice every Tuesday morning and maintaining a full complement of these volunteers, who have other interests and responsibilities.

The choir’s talent if also recognized externally by organizations like PBS who requested that they participate in a recent TV special on dementia. By the way, singing challenging tunes is a known combatant for dementia due to the focus required. Give some thought to joining the choir. The ability to read music is not required, and Jerry welcomes all volunteers. The payback is the realization of accomplishment, recognition, and participation with a group of very affable men who enjoy entertaining others. You can be part of a special group we all enjoy.

Never need a reason, never need a rhyme, you’ll have a blast with The Senior Men’s Club Choir, a great step in time.

Chris Walsh,
SMC President


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