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An Appreciation and A Challenge


My year as president has been too fast, fun, and productive. So allow me to recap by saying we have a great club, talented members, and a great structure and biweekly luncheon format.

The sequence structure enables the officers to fully understand their responsibilities and to better serve the club. By the time the president assumes his duties he is well versed and has a thorough awareness of what needs to be done. Even more importantly, he has a better grasp of the talent in the club. It has been very interesting to witness gifted individuals step forward and offer ideas to make our club more viable.

I also appreciate the the extras the club provides, the choir conducts hours of practice to provide unique arrangements and renditions of songs we are all familiar with and always enjoy hearing. The committee chair for special events consistently develops unique venues of interest. The speaker’s chair selection of presenters is one of the strong attractions for attendance. There is a tendency to take these for granted, but they all require work to do them right.

The past year has seen the initiation of “Share the Talent” program where panels staffed by 3 members of the same profession have shared their experience with students from GP North and GP South High Schools. We started with engineers, and we plan to offer panels of attorneys, architects, and trades members. Also in the Fall we will sponsor “Shakespeare in Detroit”. Shakespeare in Detroit (SiD), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, pioneered the first open-air production of The Bard in Detroit – and with an all-local cast – in August 2013 with Othello at Grand Circus Park. The founder and artistic director, Sam White, will work with 12 students from GP North and GP South to present works from Shakespeare in Grosse Pointe.

The challenge is for all of our members is to become more involved with our club.There are multiple opportunities to contribute; in fact, you may even offer an idea of your own. As mentioned previously, there is an abundance of talent, and you will feel more satisfied by participating than just by observing.

Thank you for a great year!

Chris Walsh,
SMC President

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