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SMC Luncheon Speaker: John Joanette and Paola M Smith of the Detroit Children’s Choir

On February 12, 2019, the Senior Men’s Club members were introduced to the Detroit Children’s Choir (DCC.)


Paola Smith and John Joanette

John Joanette, the Executive Director, and Paola Smith, the Executive Program and Operations Manager of the DCC told us about the formation of the DCC in 2006 by Carol Schoch, who identified a need for quality choral musical experiences targeted toward the underserved youth of Detroit, Since then the DCC has leveraged the power and discipline of choral singing to bring together children in grades 3-12.  More than 3,900 students have participated to date, and this year the DCC has music programs in twelve Detroit Public Schools, with plans to increase that number.

The DCC also has Saturday programs at Orchestra Hall as part of a collaboration with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra that has included major performances for the Detroit Tigers and Pistons with an annual performance for the Governor.  The DSO collaboration and partnership serves to connect our students with unique and high-profile musical opportunities that would not be otherwise possible. Held each Fall, Winter, and Spring on the Orchestra Hall stage, the DCC join the Detroit Youth Symphony students to conduct numerous high profile vocal and instrumental performances called the “Community Youth Experience Family Concerts” on stage.

The DCC would like to invite Senior Men’s Club members to attend the 13th Annual Spring Concert, Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 7 P.M. at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. This Presentation features 300 DCC Students from In-school and Saturday Civic Choir Programs along with special guests artists Jill Jack and Evrod Cassimy from local  4 WDIV-TV. Tickets are now available at for $5 general admission or $23 for VIP reception at intermission in the Donor’s Lounge. For more details, see below.


 Reported by George Arsenault

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