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SMC Luncheon Speaker: Linda Reid, Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce

On Tuesday, February 26th, Linda Reid, the Director of Membership of the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, spoke to us about the Chamber’s mission and purpose. The Chamber provides leadership and services to the Grosse Pointe business community, promotes economic vitality, collaborates with municipal governments for business Linda Reid GP Chamber_editeddevelopment and enhances the quality and of life for those who live, work and visit in the Grosse Pointes. The Chamber represents the varied interests of its membership while promoting commerce, events, and activities for the five Grosse Pointe communities through effective advocacy for local businesses.  How they do this is the main consideration for the numerous members of the Chamber. Linda listed four main items:

  1. Networking Opportunities. Members assist other members in making connections with potential customers, clients, and vendors and serve as a great referral resource.
  2. Educational and Training Opportunities. Members learn at luncheons and other Chamber events.
  3. The Chamber’s website (www, provides suggestions for people looking for things to do in the Pointes such as dining, shopping, etc. Member events, programs, and specials are also posted on Facebook and Instagram.  The Grosse Pointe Annual Directory is delivered to every home and business in the Grosse Pointes. It is used as a location guide and a visitor’s guide. The Chamber also creates TV commercials and billboards at various times.
  4. Special events for members and the public, such as a Restaurant Week, North versus South Tailgating event, the Grosse Pointe Santa Clause parade, Legacy on the Lake, Street Art Projects, and the Annual Membership Dinner and Pointer of Distinction Awards are organized by the Chamber.

These and other activities explain why the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce continues to thrive. We thank you, Linda, for your very interesting and educational talk.

Reported by George Arsenault and David Morrow
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