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President’s Message

James A. Callahan

Men, it’s hard to believe that we have been plagued with COVID19 for one year now. When considering all that we have lost since it began, we can fully appreciate its significance in how it has changed our lives, possibly forever. Masks and social distancing are minor inconveniences when taking into account the deaths, businesses, schools and homelife disrupted. We are fortunate, in that the Club remains and is reworking itself to be more relevant to its members and the community.

If you have suggestions as to how the Club can be more meaningful in your life please let me know. You have my cell telephone number and email address. Corrective criticism is always appreciated as well as compliments. Join our ZOOM meetings to stay connected. Merely send David Morrow ( your email address and he will send you an invitation.

Annual membership dues of $40 for 2021 are owing NOW. Those who have missed paying their dues for two years(2019 and 2020) are being dropped from the rolls. PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES FOR 2021 IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO THUS FAR. The Club’s original badges are still available for a contribution to the Club; suggested of $20. Those badges, representing “Charter Membership” are authorized to be worn once we begin actual meetings again.

Our Past President, Christopher Walsh (2018-2019) is recovering from respiratory surgery at American House. I am sure that he would like to hear fromAnyone who becomes a new member will be given a free lunch along with his sponsor, once the Club resumes meeting in person.

The Directory for 2021 will be published in February. We’d appreciate your review of its contents and your particular listing and report any corrections to Henry Fischer at

James A. Callahan

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