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President’s Letter

While February is the shortest month in the year, fortunately there’s enough time for two speakers at the Men’s Club luncheon meetings. We’re almost back to normal…well as normal as we can be given the circumstances. It looks like Covid has settled on a contagious version with milder symptoms. I’m sure that there will be future versions, just as there has been with the Flu. This means that we can get back to something approaching normal while still remaining vigilant and cautious. Remember, the virus doesn’t want to kill us, it just wants to take over the world.

We don’t need more testing for the virus; we need a test for antitoxins. It’s been a tough couple of years; first with the Covid virus and how it should be handled. On February 8th we have the pleasure of hearing from Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson.on one of the most important challenges confronting our nation – Building Civility. And please plan to bring your spouse or a friend; all are welcome.

Civility – a cornerstone of our society – is under siege at all levels, MIA. People with opposing viewpoints talk down to one another or past one another, or insult one another, totally dismissing their neighbors, impugning their character, shouting them down, or calling them names. And yes, it even happens here in Grosse Pointe. But people with differing points of view can and should be civil toward one another and can even be friends. Award-winning journalists Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson are a perfect example of good friends who disagree on almost everything except fine Kentucky bourbon. They will show us why Building Civility is so critical to our future and how to do it.

Henry Fischer, President

President’s Letter

Fellow members,

It’s now a new year and many of us have made, or will make, resolutions for change toward a better future. Perhaps the ancient Romans started this when they named this month after the god Janus. Janus was considered the god of beginnings future. We follow this when we show Father Time and Baby New Year. I don’t know if Julius Caesar used this time of the year to say “forget the Gauls I’m making a resolution to invade Britain,” but he could have.

Maybe we should keep our resolutions a little bit more down to earth. Let’s all make a resolution to bring a friend to a lunch meeting. We are, after all, a social organization. The friend could be someone that is not yet a member or it could also be a current member who has no way of getting to meetings. We have almost 400 members, but only about 60 make it to the meetings. Some of those others may want to attend. If you are bringing a guest, please let our attendance team know by email You can also call or text Marty McMillan at 313-550-9661 if email is not available.

Fortunately the Men’s Club has been getting back to normal. We’re scheduled to continue meeting at the Tompkins Center through the first quarter of 2022. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Our January speakers are both impressive and entertaining. We’ve got a great line-up that combines local history, art and architecture and is sure to please members and their guests.

On the 11th we have Jeremy Dimick, Director of collections at the Detroit Historical Society (DHS). The DHS is the day-to-day manager of the Detroit Historical Museum, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum and all of the artifacts in their collections.

On the 25th we will have Annie Dennis from Pewabic Pottery. Pewabic Pottery was founded in 1903 and is been a cultural icon in Art, Architecture and Decoration not only in Detroit but around the world. As I said before, make a resolution to bring a friend. Not only will they enjoy the meeting, but it’s another possible Euchre player afterward.

I know that Jim Callahan wanted some of the photos of the Men’s Club Chorale’s visit to the Helm on Veterans Day included in the Newsletter, but there wasn’t room in the January Newsletter. We will have them in the February Newsletter. The photos are on The Helm’s Facebook page however, listed by date.

Henry A. Fischer President