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Larry Burns speaks to Club on February 22nd about The Children’s Foundation

Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley draw large crowd for February 8th MC meeting

Celebrated journalists Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson have been longtime friends, despite their different perspectives on pretty much everything. On February 8th, they spoke to the Club about The Civility Project. The Civility Project seeks to bring people of opposing viewpoints together for healthy disagreement, personal interactions and constructive conversations. In their hour-long enlightening presentation, they spoke of how the increased divisions in our society have impacted their work and how they decided to do something about it. They described how we can learn to have civil conversations with friends, family, and strangers whose views differ from ours. It all starts with listening to the other person and learning why they hold the views we disagree with. For more information on The Civility Project, click here.