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President’s Letter April

It’s Spring!  Yep, it became official on March 20th , at least according to the calendar.  I had hoped that all of the erratic winds and funny weather patterns were behind us, but on April 1st  it was cold and some areas had a light snow. It’s not an April Fool’s joke by Mother Nature, just regular Michigan weather.

Bulbs that the squirrels didn’t try eat last Fall are beginning to grow into what the rabbits think is an endless salad bar.  In the Fall the squirrels follow my wife in order to dig up the bulbs she just planted. Usually one bite tells them that they don’t like the taste, but it’s enough to stop anything from growing. 

This is the month to retire the snow blower, tune up the lawn-mower, and put out the patio furniture.  Don’t forget to put an umbrella in the car. April showers bring May flowers, but we’ve all been stuck in a sudden downpour, with a cart full of groceries, knowing that there are two umbrellas in the car which is at the far end of the parking lot.  The chance of a sudden downpour is inversely proportional to how full the grocery cart is, and the distance to your car.  Extra points are awarded if your wife told you to bring the umbrella into the store and you didn’t.  In cases like this there is a 100% chance that somebody is going to get wet running to the car and bringing it back. Hint, it’s going to be you!  

When I first joined the Men’s Club my sponsor invited me to another get together.  Once each week he and some of the other Men’s Club members would get together for breakfast.  It was a rotating group of about 10 people with 5 or 6 showing up at a time. Being new to Grosse Pointe, it was one of the ways that I got to meet others, discover their background and interests and just discuss the topic of the day.  Bull sessions are common at work, but something I missed when I retired.  It was this group of friends that made me truly feel welcome and part of the Men’s Club. I’ve developed friendships with many others since then, but you can never have too many friends.    

With all of the great places for breakfast in the area, I’d like to see this practice restarted and/or continued. Our lunch meetings are great, but have some limitations due to their structure. You talk with your friends when you come early, during lunch and hopefully when you stay and play euchre  afterwards. 

Pick a day, pick a time, ask some friends to meet you and show up. While you might start off with the people you sit with at lunch, don’t forget other members who would be glad to come if they only had a ride.   Most of all, don’t forget those new members that you brought in to the club. I find that 10 am is good. Those who stop before work have already gone, you’re ahead of the lunch crowd and you can still get the breakfast special.

Festivities, Fun, Fellowship…It’s all at the Men’s Club!!

Henry Fischer

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