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The Bowling League started in 1970. We don’t know much about its history, but a member named Edward C. Roney who played tennis at the Grosse Pointe Indoor Tennis Club donated a plaque that names all the members of each championship team of the past 47 years. He died on April 28, 2011 at the age of 97, a victim of Alzheimers disease. He was a Life Member of the SMC and resided in Grosse Pointe Farms, Gaylord, and Scottsdale.

We have just completed 24 weeks of a 31 week season. The second half season is yet to be decided. John Onstwedder’s team has a comfortable lead thanks to anchor man Mike Fried’s 198 pin aver-age. He leads the league with a high game of 276 and a high series of 665. Thanks to a very generous handicap system, a few teams have a chance to catch them.

Our season ends on April 12 with a roll off for the season championship. We will also have doubles competition on the same day.

Our season ending banquet is planned for Thursday, April 26, at the Sports Channel Restaurant. Prize money will be distributed at this event. After that, it’s time to get out the golf clubs and tennis racquets.

For more information, contact Bob Vogler for more information, 313-882-9636. 

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