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Led by 92-year-old Neal Hampton, Team number 4 won the First Half Championship of the SMC Bowling League, assisted by Cromer Ring and Bob Vogler, achieving a total of 67 points.

In a tie for Second Place were the team of Frank Romano, Jim Deveraux, and Bob Grant, along with the team of George Hathaway, Roger LeClerc, and Tom Kneeshaw…with 62 points each.

An added feature was the Battle for the Seven Bottles going to the bowlers who posted High Over Average scores. The Results in order of their scores were: George Hathaway, 94 over; Roger LeClerc, 71 over; Larry Sikora, 66 over; Connie Lukosavich, 33 over; Bob Grant, 33 over; Neal Hampton, 31 over; and Tom Lukosavich, 24 over.

The second half of the season began on December 28, 2017. We could use a few more bowlers to use as substitutes to fill in for absent players. Come in to Harbor Lanes on any Thursday at 12 noon and join the fun. It only costs $2.25 per game. Hope to see you there.

For more information, contact Bob Vogler for more information, 313-882-9636. 

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