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October President’s Letter

Jim Hoekwater

I am honored to serve the membership as the 63rd President of the Men’s Club. Sixty-three years represents a lot of Festivities, Fun, and Fellowship!!! I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank our previous president, Henry Fischer for his leadership of the Club and his mentorship of those who follow. Henry will remain on the Board of course, as immediate past president. We will miss the Board members whose terms have ended. Thank you to Ed Benz, Al Spalding and Jerry Teagan. Ed Benz has faithfully led the Special Events Committee for a number of years and has agreed to continue on as its chairman and continue to attend Board meetings. Jerry Teagan will continue serving on the Site Committee, Attendance Committee, and Newsletter Committee. It is my sincere desire that he will agree to be a chairman of a committee and continue attending Board meetings. Dave Morrow decided not to stand for re-election as Assistant Secretary and we thank him for his services. Thanks to Chip Rohde, who elected not to stand for First Vice President but will continue heading the Veterans Initiative. Our Editor of the Newsletter, John Snyder, has not allocated enough space to do these gentlemen justice. Watch for their member profiles and the holdover Board members and officers in a future Newsletter.

We are welcoming four newly elected Board members: Phil Alber, Jim Callahan, John Prost and Ken Mokray to the Board. There will be four past presidents (Henry, Jim, John, and Ken) on the Board with a rich knowledge of history and tradition.

Every coin has its flip side. Although I am privileged to have these past presidents offer their support and advice, it is indicative of an issue that is very much on my mind. I am not aware of a past president needing to join a Board to fill a slate in the past. We need to identify our talent and encourage more members to use their talent in serving on the Board or Committees. Getting involved is a great way to increase your Festivities, Fun, and Fellowship.

I plan to form a strategic committee to look at what we do well and what we do not do well – membership, general meetings, sub-clubs, and how we communicate. I envision that the committee will gather facts and analyses to facilitate making decisions for the future.

The Club is rich with traditions. We will continue to face challenges as opportunities and respect traditions while surviving and flourishing.

Best regards,
Jim Hoekwater

Sept. 27th speaker, Christie Coggin with Henry Fischer

Sept. 13th speaker, Dr. David Dulio with Henry Fischer

September President’s Letter

Home again!  Home again!

The Senior Men’s Club was one of the first groups to meet at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial and now we’re returning to a new and more beautiful building.   On August 30th   I joined with the Site Committee on a tour of the new, expanded facility of the War Memorial. The new building is the  Fred M. Alger Center for Arts, Culture and Humanities ..

     If you drive by today you may notice that work is still in progress. The construction of the new building is done, but now the workers are putting on the finishing touches. This consists of painting, paneling, finishing the floors, installing shades, putting in the garden and a few other things. All work is scheduled to be complete by the end of September.  

     The building has actually been expanded. To your right, as you enter, there is the Reflection Room. It’s actually more of an open area with a central infinity pool and a skylight. There will be benches on each side so that you can sit and just chill out.  Next, they’ve added a Community Room which is almost the same size as the old ballroom. Finally, there is the new Crystal Ballroom. There is still a beautiful view of the lake and the windows are even larger than before. In addition, they’ve added an outdoor deck along the side of the ballroom that overlooks the grassy area.  The building is filled with sunlight with the glass walls along the promenade and between rooms.  From the Community Room you can look through the ballroom to the windows along the lake. The kitchen area has been redone, so there is efficient access to 

both the Chrystal Ballroom and the Community Room. 

Along with the new facility comes an improved audio/visual system. Presentations will be made to moveable 85-inch TV monitors and new Bose speakers.     

We will be scheduled to meet in the Community Room, although the War Memorial will move us to the ballroom if nothing else is scheduled during our meeting time. I think that on a Tuesday, at midday, we will be in the ballroom. The new facility opens in November. With our meeting on November 8th, the Men’s Club will be one of the first groups to use the facility.   There may be a wedding reception or some other gathering over the preceding weekend, but it’s still something to which we can look forward. 

Finally, despite inflation, the lunch will still be $20 and will continue to be a true buffet. We’ll still be in the Tompkins Center for September and October.  I wish that we could include photos of the new facilities, but you will have to come and see a new reality.

Notice that annual 2023 dues are now being collected.  Our fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. The bylaws state that members whose dues are not paid by November 1 will be dropped from membership and the Directory. Like any organization, we need to know the membership numbers so that we can plan our budget. Dues, Directory ads, and the fifty-fifty drawings are our only source of income.  Contributions are always welcome, of course.

— Henry A. Fischer

August 23rd speaker, Michele Hodges with Henry Fischer

August 9th speaker, Michael Unsworth with Henry Fischer

General Rolf Mammen spoke to the Club on July 26th

Diamond Jack River Cruise

Sailors may have been fewer this year, but those who made it had a fine lunch at Sinbad’s. Then we were transported to the Diamond Jack dock, courtesy of Sinbad’s van. Danny our able driver dropped us off and picked us up.

The weather was perfect, and narrative informative. Note the smiles in the pictures to see what a good time was had by all.

For more photos click here

President’s Letter August

August is here, and with it, “The Dog Days of Summer.” It was probably in grade school that we learned that the month of August gets its name from Caesar Augustus, son of Julius Caesar. We also learned that Julius Caesar came up with what we now call the Julian Calendar, hence the need for a new monthly name. However, I always thought that the hottest and most unbearable days of the season, the “Dog Days”, were something that came from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

True, it is a time when old dogs like me, just want to sit in the shade and do nothing, but the term also goes back to Greek and Roman times. As it turns out, the canine connection refers to Sirius (the Dog Star, not the radio station) in the constellation Canis Major (large dog). At that time Sirius (the brightest star in the northern hemisphere) was seen to rise just before or at the same time as the sun. Who knew!

I’m still feeling lazy, even after a delightful cruise. In the July President’s message we outlined the process for electing a new board of directors. Indeed this was accomplished on July 12 th . The Nominating Committee had a great number of talented members to select from and their slate was passed unanimously. The new board will take office on October 1st and the newletter officers and Board Members will be updated.

Notice that annual 2023 dues are now being collected. Our fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. The bylaws state that members whose dues must are not paid by November 1st will be dropped from membership and the directory. Like any organization we need to know the membership numbers so that we can plan our budget. Dues and directory ads are our only source of income.

The War Memorial will be ready for us to return in November, hopefully, but will we be ready for them? With inflation we don’t know what they will charge. Facility rental and food all comes out of the lunch price.

With best regards for the balance of the summer.

Presidents Letter July

Now that July is here, summer is in full swing. While some parts of the country saw blistering heat in June or before, Michigan is fortunate to have the Great Lakes moderate the weather. The cooler Spring and warmer Fall doesn’t lengthen the overall growing season, but it does mean that we can plant later and still have a harvest before the winter frost. Although the saying is “Knee high by the 4th of July”, there are some varieties of sweet corn that can be planted right now for harvest in September. The same goes for some bean varieties and most cold weather vegetables. Check the back of the seed packet for varieties that mature in 60 days or less.

At the beginning of the month we celebrate the 4th of July — Independence Day. For most Americans it’s
a time for family and friends, picnics, and fireworks. We do like our fireworks. For others it may be a brief relaxation from work. Others are looking for stores that offer unbeatable holiday sales. Also in July the Men’s Club has elections for officers and directors to help guide us through the year. The elected board begins office on October 1st. There’s a full copy of the BYLAWS in the directory, but at the end of this letter I’ve included copies of Article V which describes the officers and duties and Article VI which pertains to our elections. For those who are new to the Men’s Club,we have 8 Officers and 8 Directors. Each year we elect all officers except the Past President, and 4 directors. For continuity, directors are elected for 2 year terms. Basically the process is as follows:

The President appoints a Nominating Committee which prepares a slate of candidates. There can’t be any current board members on the Nominating Committee. Marty Mc Millian and 4 other past presidents made up the committee.

The head of the Nominating Committee gives its slate of candidates to the Presiding Officer (Secretary or Treasurer) and reads it to the Club membership at the election meeting.

A voice vote of the members is usually sufficient for electing board members. The Presiding Officer (Secretary Ken McIntyre) makes the decision.

I hope that this is helpful in understanding the process.

ARTICLE V Officers
Section 1. The officers of the Club shall be a President, a First Vice President, a Second Vice President, a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer and the Immediate Past President. The President, the First Vice President in the absence of the President, the Second Vice President in the absence of the President and the First Vice President, the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer are authorized to sign checks on behalf of the Club.

Section 2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Club. He shall appoint all committees and be an ex officio member of them, except the Nominating Committee. He shall carry out the decisions and orders of the Board of Directors, and except as limited by the board, direct the affairs of the Club and put into operation its purposes as expressed in these Bylaws.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the First Vice President to assist the President as requested by him and, in his absence or disability, to perform his duties and exercise his powers. The First Vice President shall be the Chairman of the Program Committee.

Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Second Vice President, in the absence or disability of the First Vice President, to perform his duties and powers. The Second Vice President shall be the Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Section 5. It shall be the duty of the Secretary, and the Assistant Secretary in the absence or disability of the Secretary, to faithfully record all actions taken at meetings of the Board of Directors of the Club, and to perform such other duties which usually devolve upon his office or which may be requested by the President.

Section 6. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer, and the Assistant Treasurer in the absence or disability of the Treasurer, to receive and care for all funds of the Club coming into his hands. He shall pay the bills and accounts of the Club with bank transfers or checks signed by the officers designated in Section 1 of this Article V, keep an accurate account of all his receipts and disbursements; furnish to the Board of Directors a report on the financial affairs of the Club as may be requested. At the end of his term, the Treasurer shall file with the President a financial report for the past fiscal year, and turn over to his successor the books and records of his office and the funds then in his hands.

Section 7. As soon as feasible, the new President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer are to be bonded by a qualified bonding company.

ARTICLE VI Election Procedures

Section 1. On or before the first regular meeting in May, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee, none of whom shall be an officer or director of the Club, whose duty shall be to prepare a slate of candidates for the offices to be filled at the next Election Meeting, including four candidates to serve as directors. This slate shall be presented in writing to the Secretary and read to the Club membership at the Election Meeting. Additional qualified nominations from the floor may be made at that time.

Section 2.The officers, except the Immediate Past President, and the directors shall be elected by a majority of the members present at the Election Meeting, determined by a voice vote unless otherwise directed by the presiding officer (Secretary or Treasurer). All officers, except the Secretary and Treasurer, shall be elected for a term of one year and the directors for a term of two years and until their successors are elected. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a term of one year which may be extended until the President informs the Nominating Committee to nominate a new candidate to fill their vacancies. Their terms shall begin on the 1st day of October following their election. The terms of the directors shall be staggered so four directors are elected each year.

Section 3. No member shall hold more than one office, or be an officer and elected a director at the same time. No officer or director, except the President, who can serve only one term, shall be eligible to serve more that two successive years in the same office or position, unless he was appointed to finish a term except the Secretary and Treasurer who may serve more than two successive terms.

The Men’s Club would welcome any newer member of the Club contacting me with an interest in serving on the Board or on our many committees and Sub Clubs.

Henry Fischer