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Choral Group

Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. G.P. War Memorial, Lake Room. Director Jerry Partridge (313-331-2652), Treasurer Mark Wilson (313-886-9786).

SMC choral photo

Jerry PartridgeJerry Partridge has been the director of the Men’s Club Choral Group since 2015. Jerry was raised as a Eastside Detroiter. He attended and presumably graduated from Osborn High School. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War.

Bob Murphy urged Jerry to “grab the baton” when the chorus lost its director. Thank you, Bob! With baton four years in hand, Jerry and his partner Louise Veltri, our very talented piano accompanist, have conspired to extract melodious sounds from mediocrity. Jerry’s creativity is further displayed by his design of the Choral Group Crest which is proudly worn by our choral members.

At rehearsals, Jerry reminds us; “To not look at the music in our laps but to look at him.” Out of the mediocre came a response. “But Jere, you ain’t so good lookin’ no more,”
Join us if you can carry a tune and enjoy the camaraderie and fun!

Looking forward to 2020…
“Winter Wonderland” will be the theme on January 14th.

Reported by Joe Schneider

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