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Past Events:


Diamond Jack Riverboat Tour August 14th

More than 25 SMC members and guests enjoyed a day of perfect weather on the Diamond Jack Wyandotte tour from Bishop Park to the Ambassador Bridge and back following a delightful lunch at Portofino.


Stahl’s Automotive Foundation

On Tuesday, June 4th, we visited Stahl’s Automotive Foundation in Chesterfield. A visit to the Stahl’s Automotive Collection will take you back to a time in history when cars were more than just a way to take us from point A to point B. Gain a better understanding of how the automobile developed from a novelty to a main form of transportation. In addition to the beautiful cars, enjoy the collection of gas pumps, road signs, oil cans and other car-related accessories from the Depression era.


Underground Railroad Tour at Second Baptist Church


On May 22nd, nearly twenty SMC members and guests toured Second Baptist Church to hear a lecture on the Underground Railroad. We sat in the Croghan Street Station and heard the stories of runaways who, escaping slavery, rested in secret at Second Baptist Church before crossing the Detroit River into Canada and “Freedom.”

​Tours of the church are conducted by members of the Detroit Underground Railroad Historical Society (DUHRS). Their mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate Church history through lectures, tours and educational programming.​

The history of Second Baptist touches on three centuries of service to the community and is equally, if not more, important than our participation to the Underground Railroad. For more info, see their FAQ here.

At the conclusion of the tour, we had lunch at Pegasus Taverna in Greektown.


SMC Field Trip Report: The Holocaust Memorial Center



About 20 members and friends of the Senior Men’s Club went to the Holocaust Memorial Center for a talk by a survivor of the Holocaust and then a tour of the museum.  Finally, we had lunch at the Stage Deli, close by the Memorial Center.  As you might imagine, and with Bob Vogler’s moving brief comments on the tour, it was both educational and appalling just what happened back before some of us were born.

Above are the SMC members with a 90-year-old survivor of the Holocaust, who gave her testimony for 45 minutes on her life during the time of horror she endured.  Below is a rail car that is likely to have transported Jews to their death at one of the concentration camps and gas chambers…a chilling object.



SMC at the 2019 North American International Auto Show


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SMC Luncheon Meeting on December 11 Features Grosse Pointe North Choir led by Ben Henri


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SMC Members and Guests (more than 90 strong) Enjoy the 2018 Christmas Party at Bayview Yacht Club on December 6th


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SMC Members visit historic Elmwood Cemetery


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On August 29th, more than 25 members and guests toured Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit. We were led by Joan Capuano, Executive Director of the Historic Elmwood Cemetery Foundation and SMC member Stewart McMillin. Our tour was arranged by Special Events Chairman James Callahan with assistance from John Snyder, who serves as Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors of the Historic Elmwood Cemetery Foundation.

Established in 1846, Elmwood Cemetery is the oldest continuously operating, non-denominational cemetery in Michigan. It contains the graves of many prominent men and women including civil war generals, 7 governors, 11 U.S. senators, 30 Detroit mayors, and countless business and community leaders. It is also a certified arboretum with nearly 100 species among its 1,450 trees across its 86 acres.

SMC members who missed the tour may want to consult Elmwood’s web site for information about frequent public tours and events. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce News

As a reciprocal arrangement with Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, we are adding a link to their website, Click here for the current Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce website, they have a large number of activities and you’ll find the information very entertaining.

war memorial ad_edited




the helm_editedAs a reciprocal arrangement with The Helm at the Boll Life Center (formerly Services for Older Citizens), we are adding a link to their website here. They have a large number of activities and the we think you’ll find the information very entertaining.

the neighborhood club

Please click the graphic to the left to read the details of the events being held  at the Neighborhood Club.

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