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Past Events:

A Day at the Detroit Zoo — Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

There is no way to tell how many Men’s Club members attended this event due to the huge area of the zoo. Those who did, had a fine time. A free ride on the Chrysler train, active polar bears chasing vultures away from their fish, penguins swimming over our heads in a glimmering tunnel, were highlights.

If you could not attend,you might consider taking your grandkids there for an adventure.

Next event—our Christmas party, Date and venue to be announced soon.

Hope to see you there.

Ed Benz


Sailors may have been fewer this year, but those who made it had a fine lunch at Sinbad’s. Then we were transported to the Diamond Jack dock, courtesy of Sinbad’s van. Danny our able driver dropped us off and picked us up.

The weather was perfect, and narrative informative. Note the smiles in the pictures to see what a good time was had by all. Too bad the photos are in black and white.

Photos from the May 13th trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts, thanks to Ed Benz

On Friday, May 13, a bus provided by the DIA departed the Tompkins Center with 26 Men’s Club members and their guests.

Upon arrival we were greeted and welcomed by Ms. Cindy Blackburn of the DIA staff.  She soon introduced us to wonderful volunteer docents for a “Highlights” tour of the museum.  This was followed by lunch and then on to the main feature of the event, “By Her Hand”, the incredible exhibition  of Artemisia Gentileschi.  This sometimes neglected part of the history of western art did not disappoint.  These gifted women showed that they deserved a place alongside the Italian Renaissance masters.

Navigating our spacious museum proved challenging for a few of our seniors when departure time came—and went.  They know who they are.  They are forgiven.  This small glitch did not diminish the feeling that this was an afternoon very well spent with good friends.

Stay tuned for upcoming Special Events.

Photos from the July 9 Cruise, thanks to Ed Benz

Check your Heart and Soul
with Chili to go

Purpose: Join Sunrise Senior Living for a Drive-up blood pressure clinic and enjoy a complementary bowl of Chili to go
Location: The War Memorial
Date: Thursday, March 18, 2021

Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
RSVP to Mary Jo at Sunrise on Vernier at 313.642.2000 by Monday, March 15, 2021

 2020 DIA Lecture

Ric Mixter

On March 12th, about 30 Men’s Club members and guests boarded a Detroit Institute of Arts bus to visit the Museum to hear storyteller and diver Ric Mixter share little known secrets of the six greatest shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, including the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Several other members drove downtown and met us at the DIA for a very interesting lecture.

Members and guest on the DIA bus

Ric began with the story of the James H Reed, a bulk carrier carrying a load of iron ore in its first run of 1944 on Lake Erie. It was lost in a collision after anchoring in thick fog because of the lack of visibility. The Canadian vessel Ashcroft collided with the Reed, nearly severing it into two pieces. Twelve sailors went down with the Reed. while twenty-four were rescued. Since Lake Erie is so shallow, the masts of the Reed remained above water, and the story goes that the third mate climbed up a mast and never got wet in the sinking. Ric showed video of the wreck and played an interview he taped with a survivor. Because it wreck was a hazard to navigation, it was dynamited later in 1944.

A few of our group after getting off the bus

Ric went on to describe the wreck of the largest ship to sink on Lake Huron, the Daniel J Morrell. The Morrell was heading upstream from Lake Erie in November, 1966. One of its crew, Dennis Hale, missed the boat but was able to join the crew as the ship took on fuel passing through the Detroit River. He immediately had some dinner and went to his cabin in the bow and went to sleep. After midnight the ship was being torn apart by a vicious blizzard with 25-foot waves. Hale was awakened by the general alarm in complete blackness. He grabbed his lifejacket and ran on deck in his underwear. Someone told him to go back and find whatever he could because the ship was going down and it would be cold in the water. Hale returned with his pea coat, which he put on over his lifejacket. This saved his life, since other crewmembers had their lifejackets over their pea coats and their coats wicked the cold water right to their trunk, while Dennis had the kapok with its canvas cover next to his skin. Dennis jumped into a life raft, but the raft was hit by the sinking ship, dumping all aboard into the water. Only four managed to climb back into the raft. Because no one reported the Morrell missing, it took the Coast Guard 34 hours to find the raft, by which time Dennis Hale was the only survivor.

Ric told stories from four more Great Lakes shipwrecks, but to hear those, you will need to find one of his lectures, one of his 30 programs on shipwrecks for PBS, The Outdoor Channel and the Vision Network, or one of his books or documentaries. Check our some of these links:

2019 Christmas Party

‘Tisthe holiday season and our newly named Men’s Club of Grosse Pointe had a fine time celebrating at Barrister Gardens with 74 in attendance.

The Gardens served hot and tasty fare with excellent service.

Our trusty MC, Bob Hynes, glued the whole event together with his salty blend of humor and camaraderie.

Ken Mokray, our new president, gave short welcoming remarks and brought on our renowned Men’s Club Chorus led by their merry taskmaster, Jerry Partridge.

Three rounds of songs (complete with costume changes) and Louise Veltri’s tuneful piano accompaniment made for delightful listening.

DJ Willie “BB” Barber got dancers on the floor with sparkling lights and a fine combination of mellow and lively tunes.

Many thanks are owed to those who made the party happen—not least our ladies in the background.  We may be a men’s club, but where would we be without these lovelies? 

Where indeed!

Best wishes for another great Men’s Club year!

Report and photos by Special Events Chair Ed Benz

Diamond Jack Riverboat Tour August 14th

More than 25 SMC members and guests enjoyed a day of perfect weather on the Diamond Jack Wyandotte tour from Bishop Park to the Ambassador Bridge and back following a delightful lunch at Portofino.


Stahl’s Automotive Foundation

On Tuesday, June 4th, we visited Stahl’s Automotive Foundation in Chesterfield. A visit to the Stahl’s Automotive Collection will take you back to a time in history when cars were more than just a way to take us from point A to point B. Gain a better understanding of how the automobile developed from a novelty to a main form of transportation. In addition to the beautiful cars, enjoy the collection of gas pumps, road signs, oil cans and other car-related accessories from the Depression era.


Underground Railroad Tour at Second Baptist Church



SMC Field Trip Report: The Holocaust Memorial Center




SMC at the 2019 North American International Auto Show


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SMC Luncheon Meeting on December 11 Features Grosse Pointe North Choir led by Ben Henri


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SMC Members and Guests (more than 90 strong) Enjoy the 2018 Christmas Party at Bayview Yacht Club on December 6th


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SMC Members visit historic Elmwood Cemetery


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On August 29th, more than 25 members and guests toured Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit. We were led by Joan Capuano, Executive Director of the Historic Elmwood Cemetery Foundation and SMC member Stewart McMillin. Our tour was arranged by Special Events Chairman James Callahan with assistance from John Snyder, who serves as Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors of the Historic Elmwood Cemetery Foundation.

Established in 1846, Elmwood Cemetery is the oldest continuously operating, non-denominational cemetery in Michigan. It contains the graves of many prominent men and women including civil war generals, 7 governors, 11 U.S. senators, 30 Detroit mayors, and countless business and community leaders. It is also a certified arboretum with nearly 100 species among its 1,450 trees across its 86 acres.

SMC members who missed the tour may want to consult Elmwood’s web site for information about frequent public tours and events. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce News

As a reciprocal arrangement with Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, we are adding a link to their website, Click here for the current Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce website, they have a large number of activities and you’ll find the information very entertaining.

war memorial ad_edited




the helm_editedAs a reciprocal arrangement with The Helm at the Boll Life Center (formerly Services for Older Citizens), we are adding a link to their website here. They have a large number of activities and the we think you’ll find the information very entertaining.

the neighborhood club

Please click the graphic to the left to read the details of the events being held  at the Neighborhood Club.

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