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Investment Seminar

The Investment Sub Club Meeting was held on September 25, 2018. Blake McLellan, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, dis-cussed Morgan Stanley‘s perspectives of “where they see the market going”.

Historical market data highlights a few important takeaways during elections. On average markets typically rally post election, regardless of outcome . Post election rally typically begins in October. Markets have given limited statistical significance between election results and market returns. Anticipate the S&P will close out 2018 generating modest returns, but also see upside if trade tensions ease. No pardon for Turkey. US sanctions and central bank lack of independence to pursue appropriate policy; resulted in a depreciation of currency to 40% in mid-August. Due to its share of global growth GDP, do not expect meaningful spillover to global markets. The new preliminary agreement with Mexico to modernize NAFTA provides evidence that bilateral negotiations could potentially still be effective in a multilateral world, and indirectly pressures other trading partners to similarly engage.

Join the group on the 4th Tuesday at 9:30 on the lakeside part of the GPWM Ballroom. Then help us reset the tables for our SMC Choir. Submitted by Tom Bidigare and a repeat of the October report since the election hasn’t happened and the thoughts and predictions may still apply.

G.P. War Memorial, prior to SMC meeting. Chairman, Tom Bidigare (313-977-0709) and Treasurer, Don Stanitzke (313-886-0143).

Note that the Investment SubClub will meet now on the fourth Tuesday of the month and in a new location, the Crystal Ballroom, eliminating  the room fee.

All SMC Members are invited to attend along with our Presenter, Blake McLellan, and the regulars: Tom Bidigare, Dennis Hickey, Den-ver Higley,Al Sauter, Bill Holdman, Carson Gruenwald, Ched Fine, John Snyder.



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