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Investment Seminar

On July 24, 2018 SMC Investment Sub-Club discussed Morgan Stanley’s 30 stocks for 2021. These stocks were picked using a bottom up approach, and then focusing on sustainability of competitive advantage, business model, pricing power, and growth. Quality outperforms in the long run, looking for the best stocks not just the most undervalued. The following are a few examples of the stocks discussed: NexEra Energy- Best in class utility company with a premier renewable energy business; with cost of renewable energy decreasing NEE is set to benefit even more. BNY Mellon- Custodial Bank holds 34% more assets compared to its closest competitor .Reinvested all tax reform benefit. Investing in tech to reduce expenses. Intuitive Surgical- Robotic assisted surgery. The da Vinci system can assist multiple types of surgeries, allowing hospitals to drive more procedures through the same platform. No direct rivals with a growing base of users. IQVIA- They use healthcare data and analytics to provide healthcare professionals better and more efficient solutions to their patients.

G.P. War Memorial, prior to SMC meeting. Chairman, Tom Bidigare (313-977-0709) and Treasurer, Don Stanitzke (313-886-0143).

Note that the Investment SubClub will meet now on the fourth Tuesday of the month and in a new location, the Crystal Ballroom, eliminating  the room fee.

All SMC Members are invited to attend along with our Presenter, Blake McLellan, and the regulars: Tom Bidigare, Dennis Hickey, Den-ver Higley,Al Sauter, Bill Holdman, Carson Gruenwald, Ched Fine, John Snyder.



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