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Investment Seminar

G.P. War Memorial, prior to SMC meeting. Co-Chairmen, John Swegles (313-303-9995), Dan Beck (313-881-0322), and Treasurer, Don Stanitzke (313-886-0143).

 Note that the Investment SubClub will meet now on the fourth Tuesday of the month and in a new location, the Crystal Ballroom, eliminating  the room fee.

August 22 meeting subject:
Global Opportunities/Market Outlook: Attendees: Non-Members: (2)
Speaker: Marcus Anderson- Delaware Investments; Blake McLellan- Morgan Stanley.

Members: (10) Tom Bidigare, George Buono, Tony Diedo, Ched Fine, Carson Gruenwald, Denver Higley, William Holdman, Robert Kienle, Pat Mc Keever, Sal Testa.

Discussion Topics:
1) Looking at five of the largest companies in the S&P index (Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, and Exon Mobil) in certain cases, these companies’ non-US revenues significantly eclipse the revenues from their US operations. 2) As of June 30, 2017 annualized total returns for Emerging markets , Europe and Japan have outperformed domestic stocks. Australia is leading the way with the highest divi-dend yield within the developed world.3) Many investors do not realize that there are opportunities all over the world. Many U.S. companies generate revenue overseas , and many foreign companies generate their revenue from the U.S. It is important to have a diversified portfolio; some markets underperform and others are out- performing. Come join your fellow members at the next meeting, Tuesday, Sept 26.

Reported by Tom Bidigare

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