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SMC Luncheon Speaker: Becky Caulfield, Neighborhood Club

On March 12th, Becky Caulfield, the Wellness Program Manager for the Neighborhood Club, told us about the importance of exercise for seniors and how the Neighborhood Club can help. The Club is a community nonprofit that was established in 1911 to provide a professionally organized program of recreation and wellness services for families and individuals of all ages. Becky is a personal trainer, a group instructor, a yoga teacher, and a triathlete.

Past President Marty McMillan, Becky Caulfield, and 1st VP Ken Mokray

Becky explained that we need 150 minutes a week of exercise. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout and can be split into short blocks. It could include activities such as walking, gardening, singing, dancing, swimming, tennis, and bowling as well as more traditional exercise. Exercise is important for mental as well as physical health and can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. It can improve our balance to help prevent falls, and can reduce body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, joint pain, and loss of bone density and muscle mass as we age. It also improves sleep and mobility as well as your mood and outlook on life.

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SMC Field Trip Report: The Holocaust Memorial Center


About 20 members and friends of the Senior Men’s Club went to the Holocaust Memorial Center for a talk by a survivor of the Holocaust and then a tour of the museum.  Finally, we had lunch at the Stage Deli, close by the Memorial Center.  As you might imagine, and with Bob Vogler’s moving brief comments on the tour, it was both educational and appalling just what happened back before some of us were born. Read more

SMC Luncheon Speaker: Linda Reid, Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce

On Tuesday, February 26th, Linda Reid, the Director of Membership of the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, spoke to us about the Chamber’s mission and purpose. The Chamber provides leadership and services to the Grosse Pointe business community, promotes economic vitality, collaborates with municipal governments for business Linda Reid GP Chamber_editeddevelopment and enhances the quality and of life for those who live, work and visit in the Grosse Pointes. The Chamber represents the varied interests of its membership while promoting commerce, events, and activities for the five Grosse Pointe communities through effective advocacy for local businesses.  How they do this is the main consideration for the numerous members of the Chamber. Linda listed four main items: Read more

SMC Luncheon Speaker: John Joanette and Paola M Smith of the Detroit Children’s Choir

On February 12, 2019, the Senior Men’s Club members were introduced to the Detroit Children’s Choir (DCC.)


Paola Smith and John Joanette

John Joanette, the Executive Director, and Paola Smith, the Executive Program and Operations Manager of the DCC told us about the formation of the DCC in 2006 by Carol Schoch, who identified a need for quality choral musical experiences targeted toward the underserved youth of Detroit, Since then the DCC has leveraged the power and discipline of choral singing to bring together children in grades 3-12.  More than 3,900 students have participated to date, and this year the DCC has music programs in twelve Detroit Public Schools, with plans to increase that number. Read more

Grosse Pointe News Reports Grants Made by SMC Foundation

In a story posted February 6, 2019, the Grosse Pointe News reported on the first grants made by the Senior Men’s Club of Grosse Pointe Foundation at the SMC luncheon meeting on Januarry 22, 2019.



From left, Peter Poulos, Stu Alderman, Roxanne Brinkerhoff, Jan Shimshock, John Prost and Mason Ferry. Photo by George McMullen



SMC Luncheon Speaker: Tyler Hinton

At the Senior Men’s Club Luncheon on Tuesday, January 22nd, Ty Hinton, the Economic and Community Development Director of Harper Woods talked to us about the redevelopment of Eastland Mall. Ty is an accomplished and active 77-year old. Last year he was honored by being named a recipient of one of the Michigan Chronicle’s 2018 Man of Excellence awards. In img_1254[3887]_editedaddition to his ECD position at Harper Woods, Ty runs their home improvement loan program using community improvement block grant dollars. This program also includes the Grosse Pointes. He also helps out at The Helm, including with the installation of their standby generator. Read more

SMC Luncheon Speaker: Bailey Sisoy Igro

At the Senior Men’s Club Luncheon on Tuesday, January 8th, Bailey Sisoy Igro talked to us about her book, Rosie, a Detroit Herstory. Bailey is the owner of Detroit History Tours and the proprietress of the Detroit History Club. She has appeared on television as a contributor on the Travel Channel’s Tough Boats and Globe Trekker series and is a common guest on history-themed podcasts.img_1145

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Need a Ride?

The Senior Men’s Club heard from Peggy Hayes, the Executive Director of The Helm, previously known as SOC, or Services for Older Citizens. Taxi mobile app.  Smartphone isometric with cabdriver pin. Vector illustration.She mentioned the PAATS Bus transportation service that might be some help in getting our SMC members to the regular meetings. Rides are available for a nominal cost by calling 313-343-2580 at least two days in advance of the need. Another option the SMC is pursuing is a Member Car Pool from your neighborhood to the meetings. We would like anyone interested in being driven to the meeting to contact our 2nd Vice President, Jim Callahan, at (313) 220-8315, or our President, Chris Walsh.

Share the SMCGP Talent

GettyImages-642279262 [Converted]

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity for SMC members to provide information and career advice to students at Grosse Pointe North and Grosse Pointe South High Schools

This is a voluntary program that offers mutual benefits to the SMC members and the participants. We will organize a series of panels, each panel composed of three SMC members who share a common profession, such as, engineering, medicine, law, etc. and students interested in that area. Please scroll down when completing the following form. Read more

SMC Luncheon Speaker report


At the Senior Men’s Club Luncheon on Tuesday, November 27th, Natalia Tarnavsky, the Executive Chef at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, talked to us about how she became a chef and shared her culinary philosophy that guides her Natalie 20181127_122847work. She grew up in a Detroit-area Ukrainian family and her best early memories are of their kitchen, where everything seemed to happen. Although she was a picky eater, food was always a passion of hers. She attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York, one of the best culinary schools in the world. She moved back to Michigan to be near her family and worked at, among other places, the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House and Tom’s Oyster Bar. She began her current position in July of 2018. Natalia has three children, aged between 6 and 12 years old, and appreciates that her position does not involve the crazy hours of many restaurant chef jobs. Read more