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President’s Letter

“MERRY CHRISTMAS” and “HAPPY NEW YEAR” The two statements go together, don’t they? Both expressions mark a new beginning of something, and I’m not talking about Star Wars. Of course I could just use the all encompassing term “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”, but that seems over-used these days.
Regardless, another Thanksgiving has passed and the Christmas Season is underway. When you’re a kid Christmas is the most important day of the year. It’s the expectation leading up to Christmas that really counts. Christmas time means parties at school, the school play, being with friends, various get-togethers and dream trips to the Toy Store. It also means presents from Santa followed by a week with no school. What could be better?

Henry Fischer

Spoiler alert, there is no Santa Claus! It was really Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and maybe an Uncle Joe or Aunt Jane. Now that we’re adults the good times don’t have to stop. We may not get as many presents, but that’s OK. We’ve learned that giving is often better than getting and besides by this time we’ve got most of what we need anyway. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got three or four unopened pairs of slippers in my closet. As for parties, that doesn’t have to stop! Begin with the Men’s Club Christmas Party on December 14th . The party is at Barrister Gardens Banquet Center , 24225 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores. It starts at 4 pm and goes to 8 pm. So, be a kid again! Meet with old friends, make new friends, treat your spouse or significant other to a great dinner and enjoy the entertainment. Hey, feel free to bring Uncle Joe and Aunt Jane or your neighbor if you want. At $60 per person with an open bar, everyone will have a good time.

Call Ed Benz (313-885-3618) right now to make sure you’re not left out. Or call Jim Callahan at 313-220-8315.

Henry Fischer, President

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