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Roy Vorhees III presents the Roy Vorhees, Jr. Tennis Tournament trophy to runner up   Al Truhan (left) and winner Jim Harvey on May 24, 2019.
Finalists in the GPSM Tennis Tournament are Al Truman, Jim Harvey, Ian Wilson, Wolfgang HanVoth

The GPSM Tennis Club’s fall/winter season came to a climactic ending at the end of May with its annual tennis tournament and final pizza party. The grand winner of the 2019 Roy Vorhees, Jr. Tournament was recent septuagenarian Jim Harvey of Grosse Pointe Park. This is the second year in a row Jim has won the prestigious event, held at Wimbledon Racquet Club. Runner up was first-time entrant Al Truhan (65), truly a colleague of court finesse and service strength. Always a fun time of fraternity and camaraderie. Congratulations, Jim and Al!

At the group’s pizza party meeting on May 24 officers were elected for the new year:

   Leon Trumbauer – President

   Al Pavle – Vice-president

   Jim Harvey – Treasurer

   Roy Vorhees III – Secretary

We also took time to commemorate our loss of brothers Rodger Sulad and Larry DuMouchelle. It also looks as if veteran competitors Bob Boesiger, Joe Hayosh, and Ray and Tom Cracchiolo may have hung up their tennies after years of loyalty to the courts. Still in the Club, of course.

Finally we thank outgoing President Tom Roberts for his many years as chairman of the Tennis Club. His organization and leadership we shall miss. We are happy he is not retiring from active duty, however.

Once again we invite males over the age of 55 to join us for the summer season at the GP Woods Lake Front Park Mondays, Wednesday’s, and/or Fridays between 10:00- 12:00. Outdoor tennis is free; dues are $10/ year. Come when you want; stay as long as you want. Requirements: a racquet, a smile, amateur status.

This is when exercise can be fun, and escape from responsibilities can be guilt-free. Inclement weather takes us temporarily back to Wimbledon.

For further information call Roy (586)775-5388 or Leon (313) 885-8742.

Reported by Roy Vorhees III

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  1. Great promo, Tom. Something new all the time.


    October 21, 2015
  2. Rojelio Padilla #

    Hi Tom,
    This is Rojelio Padilla. I played a few years ago. I want to rejoin the activity this summer. What’s the cost.


    May 22, 2016

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