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The Senior Men’s Tennis Club elected officers at its annual meeting at Gilbert’s Lodge. 

The officers are:

President- Leon Trumbauer
Vice President – Bob Wrosch
Treasurer – Jim Harvey
Secretary – Roy Vorhees

The Tennis Club continues indoors in full strength at Wimbledon Racquet Club on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:30 – 12:30 with 15 – 20 competitors engaging in exercise and friendly banter. (More seem to show up on free pizza days.  

Once again, newcomers are always welcome. 55 years +.   Give us a try. The more the merrier!

 We regret and miss the loss of one of our recently deceased regularly tennis players, Dr. Bill Rice, who at` the age of 91 played tennis through summer with finesse and genuine camaraderie. We shall miss him!

Bad news for our Tennis Players:

– COVID 19, as if we didn’t know!!  Hence, there was:

– no pizza parties in months 

– no annual steak out in September 

– no Christmas party in December

– no annual $10 fee decrease for 2021

Good news for our Tennis Players:

– increased membership

– increased daily attendance (16-22)

– masking is highly respect-ed

– no reported COVID cases in recent months

– competition and bantering improve

– Cracchiolo brothers celebrate mid-90’s birthdays

Please join us at Wimbledon for exercise, socialization, and frivolity MWD 10:30-12:30 when inspired!

The Tennis Club wrapped up its summer season of tennis on Labor Day weekend, “competing “ during the first half of summer at the very accommodating Grosse Pointe Woods Lakefront Park and then completing the season at quite friendly and well-maintained Chandler Park in Detroit. The fall season returned indoors at Wimbledon Racquet Club in St. Clair Shores at a new time- 10:30 to 12:30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 

We are always looking for new friends to join us in “fierce “ competition on the days of your convenience. A good opportunity to get out of the house and get some exercise. Typically rotating on three courts, we probably average 14 to 18 players on any given day. Indoors, a daily session costs $10. 

We strive for excellence and improvement, yet welcome mediocrity.” 

PS: The social factor is of the essence! 

Roy Vorhees 

Steak Fry

On October 3rd, the Men’s Club of Grosse Pointe Tennis Club held their annual autumnal steak fry. The pictures below are a small representation of the fun shared.

Chef Tom Roberts (missing is Fred Lenard, Ed Goosen and Tom Cracchiolo
Bob Wrosch and his friend Donna
Cynthia and Ken Mokray
Arlene and Jack Cobau with David Morrow
Ann Stricker with Ruth and Roy Vorhees

2019 Tournament

Roy Vorhees III presents the Roy Vorhees, Jr. Tennis Tournament trophy to runner up   Al Truhan (left) and winner Jim Harvey on May 24, 2019.


Finalists in the GPSM Tennis Tournament are Al Truman, Jim Harvey, Ian Wilson, Wolfgang HanVoth


As of Labor Day the GPSMC Tennis Club has completed another summer season of outdoor tennis at Lake Front Park. Now we are back indoors at Wimbledon Racquet Club on 9 Mile Road in St. Clair Shores. We welcome all men over 55 years old

to join us any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 10 – 12:00 to enjoy the benefits of doubles tennis – exercise, escape, camaraderie, enhanced coordination, etc. Competition is friendly and varied, with most players in the 2.5-3.5 range.

We have several free post-tennis Friday pizza parties, an October 3 steak-out with guests at the Tomkins Center in Windmill Point Park, a Christmas party at Encore Banquet Center and a coney island picnic at a player’s home in the summer. (Beats sitting around reading the paper all morning long.) Consider joining the “Fraternity“!

Roy Vorhees – Secretary

For further information call Roy (586)775-5388 or Leon (313) 885-8742.

Reported by Roy Vorhees III

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  1. Great promo, Tom. Something new all the time.


    October 21, 2015
  2. Rojelio Padilla #

    Hi Tom,
    This is Rojelio Padilla. I played a few years ago. I want to rejoin the activity this summer. What’s the cost.


    May 22, 2016

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